Easy Landscape Ideas

You’ve heard the term “curb appeal.”

You don’t need to have a green thumb to make some simple changes to your yard which will delight your potential buyers. A weekend project is all you need to make these easy landscaping and yard changes.

Add color: seasonal flowers in pots by the front door or beds in the front yard add brightness to the home

Native plants: create a lower maintenance environment with native plants who thrive in your area

Outdoor lighting: with so many solar options, it’s easy to add a glow

Garden accents: fountains, benches and garden art create interest and a sense of luxury

Vegetable and herb gardens: consider a raised bed in a portion of the yard or large pots

filled with tasty plants

BBQs and furniture sets: while more expensive, adding furniture arranged to showcase

the outdoor lifestyle will appeal to buyers and enhance your yard

As the weather becomes warmer, buyers naturally spend more time in the yard. Give them a reason to imagine themselves enjoying this summer in their new home.


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