Kitchen Backsplash Trends

Summer is upon us and home designers are hard at work showcasing the upcoming trends for 2020. This year, kitchen design shows are filled with new materials, patterns and colors as enthusiasts look for the latest trends and styles.

As we leave the dark granite countertops behind, kitchens are getting lighter, brighter and more streamlined looks. These new backsplashes are design statement pieces in their own right, creating a uniquely modern feel to the space. With a focus on sleek surfaces and natural elements, here are the latest trends for kitchen backsplashes.


Mixed materials – layers of stone mix with sleek metal trims or soft wood to create layer upon layer of design.


Higher Profiles – the backsplash is no longer a 6” continuation of the countertop. Taller profiles and accent-wall styling are new trends.


Bold Patterns – geometric tone-on-tone designs create visual interest.


Subway Tiles – after so many of us removed the old white tile of our kitchens, designers

are bringing them back in interesting shapes and patterns.


Veins – larger granite, quartz or natural stone pieces are used as focal points, adding

drama and depth.


Backsplash Shelves – one of the latest design trends is to create a ledge or shelf along

the top of a high-profile backsplash.


Solid Wall – this last trend is eliminating a backsplash entirely and adding a stone “wall”

in the kitchen, removing any visual distinction and creating a sleek, clean line.

2020 design trends are contemporary and exciting. After years of cozy kitchens and dark woods, these kitchens are light and bright; mixing soft natural stone and wood with hard, urban features for a modern, functional kitchen that suits any home style.


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